Features / Characteristics of Partnership Business

There are some specific features / characteristics of partnership business; some of them are given below:

Characteristics of partnership business

  • Existence of contract: There must exist an agreement among the persons carrying on a business. This is the first criterion of partnership business, since partnership is a contractual relationship. It is the essence of partnership, which distinguishes it from other types of business organizations. Any person willing to carry on partnership business must enter in to a contract, which may be oral or written.
  • Number of members: There must be at least more than one member. At the same time number of persons entering into a partnership agreement must not exceed twenty excepting banging business, where the number of members must not exceed ten. According to the partnership act, the minimum number of members of partnership business is 2 and the maximum is 20.
  • Distribution of profit & loss: The distribution of profit and loss is the prima facie evidence of partnership. The amount each partner is to contribute is decided by the agreement. The profits and losses of the business are distributed equally among the partners.
  • Existence of trust and confidence: Mutual trust and confidence is required throughout the continuance of the partnership. Since its inception to its termination each partner must have trust and confidence in his fellow partners.
  • Association of individuals: The association of individuals in a partnership may be based on as simple an act as handshake; however, it is preferable to state the agreement in writhing since:
  1. A partnership is a legal entity for certain purposes.
  2. A partnership is an accounting entity for financial reporting purposes.
  3. Net income of a partnership is not taxed as a separate entity.
  • Mutual agency Mutual agency means that each partner acts on behalf of the partnership when engaging in partnership business and the act of any partner is binding on all the partners.
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    Characteristics of Partnership Business

    Liability of partners Like sole proprietorship, the liability of ordinary partners is unlimited. For example, if the assets of the business are not sufficient to meet liability of creditors, his private poverty will be subject to obligation. But the liability of limited partner is limited to ht amount he has invested and he cannot take active part in the management and administration of the business.

  • Capital All the partners usually supply capital of the business but, however, there is no hared and fast rule of how much capital a partner has to contribute.
  • Taking decision: There can be some difficulties in taking any decision in partnership business because there is always a danger of disagreement among partners. Delay in decision-making is also a disadvantage of this business. In any emergency, one partner can’t make any decision alone. He has to consult with other partners of the business. So, in order to take any decision they have to consult first.
  • Lawful business: The term “business” includes all trades, professions or occupations. The purpose of a partnership agreement is to carry on a lawful business and nothing else.
  • Registration: The registration of partnership business is not compulsory in our country. It depends absolutely upon the sweet-will of the partners. Registration is not very hard. Any time a partner may get their business registered by fling with the Registrar and statement in the prescribed form.
  • Restrictions on transfer of shares: No partner can transfer his share in the partnership without the prior consent of all the other partners. Thus, a partner cannot transfer his interest at his own will.

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