10 Importance and Advantages of Using Computer Monitoring

A remarkable result may be obtained from computer monitoring. These advantages of using computer monitoring are discussed below by dividing them into nine points.

Advantages of using computer monitoring

1. Response Outcome Dependency: Computer monitoring indicates to the worker which responses are correct. In turn, this can lead to an increase in the performance of desired behaviors. It also makes undesired behaviors stand out.

2. Effective Feedback Venire: Summary reports from the computer can provide immediate feedback to employees so that they can choose to modify their behavior.

3. Constructive Expectations: Electronic performance motoring sets specific accompanied by expectations that are incorporated into the daily work routines. Workers have a clear idea of what is expected of them.

4. Reduced Unpredictability: Computer monitoring allows the employee to track his or her performance throughout the year. Thus, early performance evaluation should be less of a surprise.

5. Direct Accountability: Performance monitoring by computer is a direct measurement of work, making it difficult for an employee to cover up errors or to blame others. Thus, those employees who are good performers would be the most like to accept electronic monitoring.

Advantages of using computer monitoring
Advantages of using computer monitoring

6. Better Training Programs: Gathering summary information regarding the types of mistakes most commonly made could lead to training programs that precisely target the problems.

7. Objective Documentation: Electronic monitoring can identify good ” performers objectively because the computer generates quantitative appraisal.

8. Increased Flexibility: Flexibility can occur because “fast” workers will have more control over the scheduling of required work. “Slower” workers can be allowed some additional time to complete the tasks if the computer information shows that the worker output is adequate.

9. Customers: In service organizations, the customer is in a perfect position to provide performance feedback. For example, guests checking out of a hotel are asked frequently to complete a response card about their stay and indicate whether any staff member, enhances the visit.

10. The Job Itself: Finally, employees at all levels of the organization can receive feedback on the job they perform.

For example, when a secretary mistakenly presses the wrong button on his or her word processor, a beep sounds.

This negative feedback is the mind that the last behavior was inappropriate.

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