Christmas Letter for Friends and Family

Christmas and Hanukkah are widely celebrated by both religious and non-religious communities. Your greetings can be tailored to the personal beliefs of your recipients. For some people, a religious card is appropriate. For others, the message “Seasons Greetings” or “Holiday Wishes” is more suitable. Be sensitive to your recipients’ wishes. Here are some Christmas letters for friends and family.

For many people, these holidays are a good chance to tell others about family or personal activities. A printed or mimeographed “Christmas letter” often accompanies the traditional Christmas card to family and friends.

The example below is appropriate either as separate notes by themselves or as handwritten additions to a commercial card.

Dear Barbara, Stuart, and family,

May this time of our Savior’s birth bring you joy and good health throughout the coming year. We wish we could be with you to celebrate this holiday time. Maybe next year we can all gather here.

Love to you all,

Wilma and Dan

Christmas letter for friends and family
Christmas letter for friends and family


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