Definition of Performance Appraisal

The management format accentuated objectives and contained consistent standards for all management.

The appraisal form for no management positions focused on job-related accountabilities included specific measures of performance, and incorporate differential weighting schemes.

However, it did not include objectives for individuals or teams, nor did it encourage personal growth and development (PA) Some authors have defined performance appraisal.

This definition of performance appraisal is given below:

Definition of performance appraisal

C. D. Fisher L. F. Schoenfeldt and J. B. Shaw have defined as: The process by which an employee’s contribution to the organization during specified period of time is assessed.

Gary Dessler defined “Performance appraisal as means of evaluating aim employee’s current and or past performance relative to his or he performance standards”

Bellows said“Performance appraisal is defined as a systematic periodic evaluation of the worth of an individual of an organization, usually mad by a superior or someone in position to observe his performance”.

Beach said“Performance appraisal is the systematic evaluation of the individual with respect to this performance on the job and his potential of development”

William B. Weather and Keith Davis said: “Performance appraisal is the process by which organization evaluate individual job performance”

John Douglas, Stuart Klein and David Hunt defined: “Performance appraisal as a systematic evaluation review of employees meaningful job behavior with respect to their effectiveness in meeting their job requirements and responsibilities”

Leon C. Megginson has defined: Performance appraisal is the process an employer uses to determine whether an employee is performing the job as intended. ( Merit rating, efficiency rating, service rating and employee appraisal arc’ others frequently used terms for performance appraisal)

Wayne F. Cascio: “Performance appraisal as the systematic description of an employee’s job-relevant strengths and weaknesses”

Definition of Performance Appraisal
Definition of Performance Appraisal

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