4 Major Difference Between Merger and Amalgamation

In company news, regularly you may hear the terms integration and mergers. Firms merge with one another to consolidate their assets thus on have additional probabilities of survival and growth and conjointly own higher access to new markets. The difference between merger and amalgamation is discussed below but let’s know some detail about the merger and amalgamation.


A merger is when two organizations come together to form an affiliated company. In most cases, one group or the other is estimated as the surviving company meaning, amongst other things, its shares of stock do not improve the hand. The other company is the “target” organization and can be said to be acquired.

The people who previously held shares in the target company get hired out, by receiving cash and shares (in some specific cases, some other things like real land, real property, contract rights, professional contracts) in exchange for their stock. This can appear in many different ways, and the step gets difficult and technical.

Often it involves setting up a new shell partnership subsidiary of the surviving business that acquires or is acquired by the target company, then absorbed into the surviving company (triangular and reverse three-cornered mergers).

Another way is only buying the assets of the target business for cash or shares, rather than buying its stock. The target organization pays off its debts, distributes the acquisition proceeds to its stockholders, then loops down operations.


Informally, when the surviving group is much bigger, or has a lot more money, and keeps its directors, employees, offices, and goods, in place, it is often said to have obtained another company. When it is more like a joining of copies, it is informally called an alliance.

There can be an addition that does not involve a consolidation for a warning. When a significant investment club, individual equity fund, leveraged buyout fund, etc., naturally acquires most or all of the stock of an extant.

A company without blending it with another, or when a corporation buys a subsidiary without reducing the operations at all.

Primarily after listening to this both words we can say that both are synonyms but there is some difference between merger and amalgamation and some important and common differences are mentioned below:

Difference between merger and amalgamation

Points of difference




A new company is formed to take over the existing business of all the amalgamating companies. After the amalgamation, all combining units are automatically liquidated.A merger is called the absorption of weaker units by a strong unit.


Under amalgamation, a new organization is formed to effect the fusion of two or more existing companies.Under the merger an existing co. absorbs one or more existing companies. The absorbing company survives.


Amalgamation takes place on the initiative of an outside promoter since the business rivalry of several units normally acts as a bar to their coming together on their own initiative.In the merger, the surviving or acq1uirgin company takes initiative and tries its level best to effect the merger.

Effect on Shareholders

Amalgamation affects all shareholders.In a merger, the shareholders of absorbed companies are affected.
Difference between merger and amalgamation
Difference between merger and amalgamation

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