How to Deal with Problem Employees?

It is difficult to handle problem employee situations. The employer must find a way to deal effectively with the problem employee situation while protecting the employee’s rights.

The company would also be better able to handle this situation if the company has an employee assistance program. Here we provide some tips on how to deal with problem employees.

All employees have problems from time to time. They are usually transitory and clear up with little if any help from the employer. However, if this is not true, the person may be a problem employee, characterized by the following factors.

  • Has a major problem
  • Has a chronic problem that recurs
  • Has a problem that requires high costs to resolve
  • Has a problem that will result in high costs if not resolved.

How to deal with problem employees

From a strategic standpoint, the organization must decide how much action it can afford to take in resolving the problem; that is, how much can it afford to spend to salvage an employee?

How to deal with problem employees
How to deal with problem employees

The answer to this question is usually not easy to determine and depends on a number of factors such as:

  • The law
  • The importance of the employee to the organization
  • The ease with which the organization can replace the employee
  • The returns that will come to the organization by saving the employee
  • The organization’s human resource philosophy

Of course, these factors are not always easy to determine, especially the costs and potential benefits involved in the process.

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