Interview Follow up Letter Samples

Most of us start our journey of study only to get a good job and shine in life. A better life is depending on a better job. And your job is depending on how you deal with the interview manager. You have to be very polite, sincere, decent, and confident during the interview.

The interview manager always tries to get you nervous and confused. But you have to be very strong. After the interview, if you think that there is a possibility to get this job then it will be better to write a thank you letter to the interview manager.

It will make the interview manager happy. He/ She will get a good idea of your polite and fidelity behavior. Here on this page, a sample interview follows up letter is provided. Hope that it will help you.

Interview Follow up Letter

Date: September 27, 2022

(Interview Manager’s Name)
(His/ Her Position)
(Company’s Name)

Dear Sir/ Madam,
Please accept my heartiest thank you for giving me your precious time. I was very pleased to meet you last day. I really enjoyed the session with you and learning more about this company. I was very nervous in the interview but you understand my situation and try to make me relax. Thanks a lot for that. And also thank you for the positive response to the result of my interview. I assure you that I will always give my 100% on this job.

I will be very sincere about this job. I will finish all work on time. I want to be your right hand. For this, I will do all work properly. I will never ever let you down. I am confident in my professional ideas and skills. I think that my skills and ideas will be a great match for this company. I want to help you with every circumstance and day-to-day operations. I want to volunteer for your new and special projects. I ensure you that I will give proper effort to grow and increase the profit of this company.

Thanks a lot, sir/ madam for considering me for this job. If you have any questions or need any information about me, please feel free to contact me. here I add my full address and information.

(Your Name)

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