Letter to My Son Who is Away from Home

Here we provide a sample letter to my son who is away from home. Where the adult child is away on a trip or has moved to another city, a letter from home can be a welcome sight in the mailbox. The one receiving the letter will want to know all the news, what’s happening at home to friends, to other family members. Even adult children want to know they are missed, so be liberal in sharing your affection.

Above all, avoid offering unsolicited advice, complaining, nagging, scolding, or otherwise bringing the tone and content of the letter down to a depressing level. Instead, show interest interests them-surroundings, work, outside activities, friends, and other highlights.

A Sample letter to my son

March 11, 2022


Dearest Rosa,

I hope you are settled into your new home by now. We miss you very much. It seems strange not to hear you rustling about the house and to have a nearly silent phone. You make the place so lively when you’re here!

Thanks so much for the picture of your house. I love the screened-in porch on the front and the small garden to the side. Could you use those white wicker chairs that Dad wanted to get rid of? We could send them with Luis the next time he drives out your way-he has a new truck that he loves to show off. He’s never volunteered to do so many driving and hauling chores in his life!

How has the job turned out? I know you were so excited about starting in advertising as a copywriter. I hope you find new friends at the agency quickly although I shouldn’t worry. You’ve been able to make good friends wherever you went.

One sober note- Dad is going in for a biopsy of his left lung-the doctor found a mass when they took an X-ray last Tuesday. The surgeon doing the procedure is one of the best in the country, so we’re thankful for that. Your father has everyone puzzled-he’s never smoked and never worked around asbestos, so no one can figure out where this mess came from.

Yolanda and Linda send their love; they miss you, too. They said the launch counter at Alfredo’s isn’t the same since you aren’t there to stop by every day.

In case I haven’t said it before you are a real source of pride and joy for all of us. Even though I miss you, it’s so good to see you launch into a more adult world for yourself. I know you’ll use your good sense when it comes to relationships –we‘ve had enough talk about the risks and rewards of being single that I think you could counsel people twice your age.

Everyone sends their love. Write when you get the chance or give us a call. Go after whatever life has to offer you –make the most of it!



Letter to my son who is away from home
Letter to my son

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