What is Management Board

It is composed of 3 (three) members and an appointed by and remains responsible to the Supervisory Board. It is entrusted with the responsibility to execute the plans, policies, and objectives set by the Supervisory Board. In fact, this is the executive organ of the enterprise and makes sure that the managers do their jobs well. Let’s know first what is management board.

Works council

Just below the Management Board remains the Works Council, through which direct representation of workers in management is ensured. Based on the number of workers employed, there may be onto 35 members of the Works Council of which more than 50% is to be from among workers.

The range of functions of the Works Council is very big. According to Adolf Strum that, Works Council is empowered to participate in the making of major decisions regarding expansion, working environment, salary and wages, factory discipline.

Selection, promotion, training, and dismissal. This Council, in fact, forms the core of co-determination, and no important function within the enterprise can be performed without its approval. Thus the flow of communication under Co-determinations a two way one and ensures the participation of workers in management in the real sense of the term.

Management board
Structure of Co-determination — Communication is two way

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