Marketing Challenges in the New “Connected” Century

In the twenty-first century, the dramatic change in the marketing arena is coming due to technological advances, more specifically due to the internet and the World Wide Web (www). People now can shop even by sitting at their homes through e-business. Let’s find out the marketing challenges in the new connected century.

Days will come when a laptop with an internet connection and mobile will be enough to run the business as everyone in the organization will be connected to the internet. That is the concept of a virtual organization. Students of Daffodil International University will be able to register for a new semester through the internet in near future.

Eastern Bank Bangladesh, is offering Visa debit cards, ATM services, online banking, and internet banking with a slogan “Technologically Speaking-always ahead”. Munshi Jee. Com is facilitating e-business by which one can even buy ‘Hazir Biriani’ and other household goods and services.

You need not wait in a long queue to submit your utility bills if you have a National Bank Credit card in your pocket. See how today’s marketing practices are evolving due to a connected millennium.

Internet open way to the world

Now organizations can demonstrate their products through the internet on their website. And by looking at the products the customer can order over the internet if they have a credit card that is accepted worldwide.

For example, the National Bank is offering a “Gold Card” by which consumers can shop around the world. Some perfume companies are doing very dramatic international business with the aid of the internet and e-business. If you visit the website of that perfume company, you can see their bottle full of perfume.

That is not the end of the story if you want to get the smell of the perfume you just have to click to take a print. The perfume producer has mixed colors in such a way that after taking a print of that page, you will get the actual fragrance of the perfume. If it suits you go for the order by using a credit card online.

That is the charisma of the internet and the new connected millennium. With the aid of internet connectivity, one can be global being a local person. HSBC is recognized as a “Local bank global network” due to its connectivity.

Organizations are using the internet to perform their research activities too. Prothom Alo conducts a survey of the citizens of Bangladesh regarding their opinion on a certain political dialogue.

Today’s marketing connection (Courtesy, Philip Kotler)

Connecting with the customer

Now a customer can get services from the organizations through the connected arrangement. GMAT, GRE, and TOEFL are a computer-aided examination that the students have to sit for online.

This is an example of how organizations are connecting their customers. Think of BD, people can get information about the vacancy in different organizations and even apply online. Standard Chartered Bank offers 24 hour ATM services to its clients. Star Cineplex offers an online ticket booking system to their customers.

Think of Shohag traveling, offering online ticketing, and booking to the customers. Yahoo facilitates consumers to chat with friends and family around the world. In fact, online shopping is reducing the cost of buying goods and services.

Connecting with marketing partners

Pattern relationship management is now becoming easier for organizations due to connectivity in the field of supply chain management and even in strategic alliances. P & O Nedlloyd Bangladesh uses the internet and online facilities to contact with P & O Nedlloyd Africa for very regarding vessel confirmation, equipment position, etc.

All the branches of BRAC bank are connected online throughout Bangladesh. The use of a local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN) helps the organizations to connect them with their partners.


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