6 Types of General Insurance

There are 6 types of general insurance they are Property Insurance Policy, Marine, Motor, Engineering, Aviation, and Miscellaneous Accident. All of this general insurance are discussed below:

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Types of general insurance

Property Insurance Policy

It covers fire policy. The main function of a fire insured in respect of loss or damage sustained by him to his property.

Besides, Property Insurance also covers the following insurance;

  • Industrial All Risks Policy
  • Business Interruption policy
  • Household all-risk policy
  • Advance loss of profit policy


Marine is the oldest form of insurance. This is divided into two branches: “Marine Cargo Policy” and “Marine Hull Policy”. Cargo insurance deals with the insurance of cargo of goods of all types, in transit, whether by sea, road, rail, air, or any other mode of conveyance.

This type of insurance covers the usual transit risks of fire and collision, and also extraneous risks like theft, pilferage, non-delivery, damage by water, breakage, shortage, or leakage. Hull insurance covers vessels against various marine and war risks etc.

Types of General Insurance
Types of General Insurance

Marine policies are usually valued policies, i.e., policies where the value of the goods in agreed in advance before the policy is issued, and all resultant loss or damage in transit is settled on the basis of the agreed value.


It covers:

  • automobile comprehensive Policy,
  • Automobile Liability Policy


Under the engineering, the following policies are in force:

  • Machinery Breakdown Policy
  • Contractors All Risks Policy including Advance Loss of Profit
  • Erection All Risks Policy including Advance Loss of Profit
  • Electronic equipment Policy
  • Deterioration of Stock Policy
  • Boiler and Pressure vessel Policy.


It covers the following insurances:

  • Aviation Hull All Risks including War Risks Policy
  • Aviation Primary Legal Liability Policy
  • Loss of License Policy
  • Airport Liability Policy.

Miscellaneous Accident

The primary function of Miscellaneous Accident insurance is to protect the financial interest of the insured arising out of loss, damage, and destruction to his property due to the operation of various issued perils.

The scope of this branch is indeed very wide and a number of various types of policies are issued in this department. These are;

  • Public Liability Policy
  • Burglary and House Breaking Policy
  • Cash in transit Policy
  • Cash in Safe Policy
  • Cash in Counter Policy
  • Fidelity Guarantee Policy
  • Employer’s Liability / Workmen’s Compensation Policy
  • Personal Accident Policy
  • The Peoples Personal Accident Policy
  • personal Accident Policy for Air Travel Only
  • Comprehensive Air Travel Policy
  • Traveler’s Baggage Policy
  • Professional Indemnity Policy
  • Product Liability Policy
  • Dread disease Policy
  • Overseas Mediclaim Policy for  Business/Holiday/Tour/Study
  • Crop Insurance Policy
  • Prawn Culture Insurance Policy
  • Livestock/Cattle Insurance Policy
  • Export Credit Guarantee which includes Export Finance (Pre-shipment) Guarantee, Export Finance (Post-Shipment) Guarantee, Expert Payment Risk Policy, and Whole turn over Export Finance (Pre-shipment) Guarantee.

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