Strategic Variables Facing Unions

Several strategic variables are open to unions as they fight for their survival and position in society. Each of these strategic variables facing unions is discussed and summarized in the table given below:

Examples of the Economic Objectives of Unions

Economic issues – bread and butter
Category Example
Wages United Auto Workers bargaining with Ford for a 6 percent annual increase for three years
Benefits Teamsters asking for full family health coverage to be paid b) employer
Seniority Steelworkers negotiating with USX to give priority to longer tenure employees in awarding overtime hours
Working Conditions Airline Pilots Association working out an agreement with Unite Airlines on the maximum number of nights away from home
Security UAW agreeing to two-tiered wage structure in return for no-layoff clauses

Political Issues of Unions

Category Example
Political Endorsements AFLC1O endorsement of Bill Clinton in the 1992 and 1996 presidential elections
Political Action Committees (PACs) Contribution of campaign funds to local, state, and national candidates
Endorsement or Opposition to Government Policies During the Vietnam War era, certain unions supported, while others opposed, the war
Endorsement    of   Certain Political Stances The American Federation of Teachers encouraged defense cuts and more money for education

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