What are the Objectives of Business?

Success in business cannot be achieved without the setting of the right objectives. So, we discuss here the objectives of the business. Objectives may differ from one unit to the other in view of the nature of an organization.

All businessmen do not have the same objectives to run the business. Sometimes some of the objectives are social welfare-oriented, and some of the objectives are profit-oriented.

Objectives must be clear and consistent to achieve the mission of an organization. Lists of business objectives generally include such factors as profit, survival, growth, and social responsibility.

Objectives of Business

1. Profit The main objective of a business is to earn a profit. t eh profit objective plays a major role in business. However, profit means different things to different people because of their values, attitudes, and perceptions. Profit may be of two types-

2. Business Profit The difference between business income (revenue) and business expenses (cost); selling price minus all costs of making and selling a product including taxes.

3. Economic profit: What remains after expenses and opportunity costs are subtracted from income. Opportunity cost indicates the cost of choosing to use resources for a purpose, which results in sacrificing the next best alternative for the use of those resources.

4. Survival: Survival is the prime objective of the business. Survival is very essential to ensure other objectives of the business and to compete in the competitive global market.

5. Growth: Growth is inevitable for a firm to be successful. The following indicators can measure the growth of a firm:

  • Increasing market share
  • Increasing productivity
  • Long-term relationships with customers, suppliers, competitors, and marketing intermediaries.
  • Harmonious labor relations
  • Good corporate culture
Objectives of Business
Objectives of Business

Social Responsibilities of Business

Profit earning cannot be the sole motive of business activity. Businessmen have a social responsibility that must be met. Moreover, the business organization produces goods and services to generate profit.

At the same time, it must have some impact on society as well as the whole community. The responsibility of businessmen is to provide goods and series in a way, which are not harmful to society. Besides another responsibility of businessmen is to supply goods and services at a fair price.

In addition to fulfilling numerous roles, businessmen need to perform some specific objectives such as-

  • Creation of employment
  • Creation of markets
  • Using creativity
  • Investment of capital
  • Exploitation of resources

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