6 Essential Features of an Audit

No doubt auditing is the essential for an organization or individual account. There are some most important characteristic / features of an audit. The essential features of an audit can be described as follows:

Features of an Audit

  1. Systematic process: Auditing is a systematic and scientific process that follows a sequence of activities, which are logical, structured, and organized.
  2. Three party relationships: The audit process involves three parties, that is, shareholders, managers, and the auditors.
  3. Subject matter: Auditors give assurance on a specific subject matter. However, the subject matter may differ considerably, such as – data, systems or processes and behavior.
  4. Evidence: Auditing process, requires collecting the evidence, that is, financial and non-financial data, and examining thereof.
  5. Established criteria: The evidence must be evaluated in terms of established criteria, which include International Accounting   Standards, International Financial Reporting Standards, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, industry practices, etc.
  6. Opinion: The auditor has to express an opinion as to the reasonable assurance on the financial statements of the entity.
Features of an Audit

Features of an Audit

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