Thank You Letter for a Friend Sample

A friend is always special. There are so many sweet memories in our friendship especially if that was the friendship of childhood. Here is a sample of a thank you letter for a friend.

Dear Tania,

“HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY” my dear buddy. Please accept my deepest love on this day. I sent you a t-shirt and also a locked diary so that you can write down memories of our friendship. Today there is no conflict in my mind to say that you are the best and dearest friend of mine. I really realize now that how close, generous, beneficent, heartiest friend you are for me. Honestly saying that you are not my best friend rather my heart says you are a God-gifted friend to me.

Truly speaking I didn’t like you at first glance for your dark color. And then when I realize I do not like you just because of your color it really hurts me and I think how foolish I was. I know I hurt you again and again but you never show angriness to me.

I always share everything with you whatever it is and you always there for me. Whenever I getting wrong you advice me as a teacher and guardian. My laughter face always makes you joyous and if I tensed for any reason always try to pacify me at any cost. You know sometimes I forget that we are not the same parent’s progeny; I always think that if we were the same parent’s child. I am always grateful to God for giving me such a friend like you. Saying mere thanks are meaningless nevertheless on account of friendship please accept my lovely, charming, delightful thanks.

Thank you once again my alter ego from my heart.

Love always


Thank You Letter for a Friend

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