Meaning of Business Administration and Management

The terms organization, business administration and management are often used interchangeably. Sometimes they are used to mean one and the same drawn between them and the terms need to be delimited.

Meaning of business administration and management

By organization we simply mean the “collection, preservation and co-ordination of the elements of an enterprise in an integrated manner.” It also signifies the bringing together of various resources on and enterprise into a harmonious whole.

It is the primary job of an entrepreneur, and the existence of an enterprise cannot be conceived of without it. Scholars suggest that the precondition of success of any venture is proper organization.

As a matter of fact, it is organization which ensures the employment of resources for the accomplishment of enterprise goal. The task of organization is performed by the promoters and/or entrepreneurs themselves.

On the other hand, administration is the driving force of and enterprise which sets the objectives and formulates plans to achieve them. Administration also determines the principles for ensuring the effective performance of the activates of different divisions and branches of the enterprise.

In short, administration is entrusted with the responsibility of making plans and providing leadership for achieving goals. In this sense administration may be viewed as top-level management and the chief boss.

Thus the board of directors of a company or the syndicate of a university can be called the administrative organ, performing the planning and leadership functions for the whole organization. Administration is entrusted with planning and effective execution of company policies through efficient leadership.

Brief discussion of management

Management is primarily entrusted with the responsibility of executing the plans and policies set by the administration for achieving pre-determined goals and objectives. The success of an organization is thus dependent on how efficiently the management can execute plans and policies set by the administration.

Thus the administration cannot be successful without the co-operation of management. The job of each manager is, therefore, to win the co-operation of all those who work under him that they work for enterprise goals set by administration.

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