Common Resume Problems

Resume is main part of a job application but most of applicant make some common mistake in resume. That is harmful so, we discribe here some common resume problems below:

Common resume problems

  1. Too Long: Common problem of resume is too many description of information and not concise, relevant and to the point.
  2. Too short or sketchy: The resume may be too short or sketchy which will not give enough information for a proper evaluation of the applicant.
  3. Hard to read: Use of common space, lack of “white space” and of such devices like indention and bold facing makes the reader’s job more difficult.
  4. Wordy: Description is verbose i.e many hard words are used which could be expressed simply.
  5. Too slick: A resume prepared by other person will imply the writer’s qualification not the applicant’s qualification.

    Common Resume Problems

    Common Resume Problems

  6. Amateurish: Providing wrong or incomplete information will prove the applicant to be awkward regarding business world.
  7. Poorly reproduced: The print is pale and dim which make it difficult for the reader to read.
  8. Misspelled and ungrammatical Throughout: Applicant who makes misspelled and ungrammatical mistakes will himself indicate his poor verbal skills.
  9. Boastful: A boastful word may make the recruiters doubtful.
  10. Dishonesty: Fraud information regarding work experience will express dishonesty.
  11. Gimmicky: If words, structure, decoration or material used in the resume are found to be unusual then it will make the resume infective.

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