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Human life is full of weal and woe. When people have sustained a loss or tragedy, (such as death, accident or illness etc) the best way to share the sufferings through a brief message of condolence. Some condolence letter sample are given below:

Usually letter of condolence is written to the closest surviving relative of the deceased. In this regard it could be his/her father / mother / brother / sister / son / daughter / wife or husband. The letter should be prompt and brief.

The condolence message is not a mere formality but an expression of inner feelings of mind. The writer must be careful in the selection of words. The language of the message must be simple and clear.

If someone is capable of assisting the family of the deceased financially or another way, one should also mention it in the letter. Such an offer shows one’s genuine concern for the victim’s family whether it is accepted or not.

It should be noted that such letters are written to express condolence tin business circle. The writer might not have been familiar with the decsed and could have been writing on behalf of an organization.

For the preparation of condolence we may follow some guidelines, such as-

  1. Expression of grief on getting the sad news at the very outset.
  2. Paying tributes to the departed soul.
  3. Offer to help on the sad occasion.
  4. Repeating the condolence.

Condolence letter sample on the death of family relatives/friends

Dear Mamun,

I feel very sorry to hear the death news of your grandfather. He was a very honest and pious man. He was very strict in principle. His contribution in the development of our village is memorable. His significant contribution to poor and orphan is also remarkable. I belief that you become dishoarded to loss him. Don’t get upset. We all have to admit the law of nature.

Pray to God for solace of the departed soul. I wish you will soon recover from disappointment.

Yours sincerely

Condolence letter example on the death of official/business circles

Dear sir,

It was with deep regret that we learnt about the passing away of Mr. Karim your esteemed business partner. His profound personality is memorable. I always cherished the memory of his enthusiasm hard working capability, skillfulness, well planned and well disciplined life. Some of his pioneering work will go a long way to benefit many future generations. My colleagues join me to send their deepest condolence to the family members of the deceased.

Sincerely yours
Md. Asgar Ali

Condolence Letter Sample

Condolence Letter Sample

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