What is the Definition of Socialization?

In common word definition of socialization is a way of learning language, social skill and social value to ensure his/her position in a certain community or society.

Definition of socialization

Before a new hire can become a productive part of an organization, he or she must learn the culture of the organization, as well as how “things are done”.

This learning process is often referred to as socialization. Some socialization takes place before the individual actually starts to work. So, in a simple sentence we can say that socialization is the process of learning and why things are done in an organization.

Definition of Socialization

Definition of Socialization

Socialization is a process of adaptation after entering the organization. Socialization refers to the adaptation that takes place when an individual passes from outside the organization to role of an inside member.

Socialization is a process of adaptation, adjustment, making arrangements for setting one employee in the organizational environment.

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