Organization four choices to training and development of employees

An organization must make four basic choices with regard to socialization and the development of employees.

Choices to training and development of employees

1. Creative Employees: Does the firm want employees, who conform to the organization, or does it want employees who are creative and show innovation?

2. Match the Culture: How well does the organization’s culture match the organization’s overall strategy? If the match is not good, decisions about what and how to change must be made by the SHRM (strategic human resource management).

3. Developing or Hiring: SHR (strategic human resource) manager must decide whether the organization will develop its present human resources or hire experienced and trained manpower.

4. Marginal Performance: At this stage, organizations should fund out some ways of improving the performance of marginal employees or decide to replace them for greater interest.

Organization four choices to training and development of employees
The organization has four choices for training and developing employees

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