Introduction to Organizational Behavior

We will discuss here about introduction to organizational behavior but before that we should know about organization and behavior. So, organization is a group of people who work independently towards some purpose is known as organization.

This concept of organization comes long before. It combined many people with many systems to achieve a goal. And in common word we may explain behavior like this – The response of the organization or system to various stimuli of inputs, internal or external, conscious or unconscious, overt of covert and voluntary or involuntary is known as human behavior.

It is the outcome of a person’s attitude. Manages under the behavior of human, identify their needs and take proper measures accordingly.

Introduction to organizational behavior

Finally organizational behavior is the study and application of knowledge about human behavior related to other elements of an organization such as structure, technology and social system is known as organizational behavior.

The objectives are set to move towards a goal and the same to be interpreted to all concerns. The importance of this subject matter is beyond expression to optimize the output. Understanding the models, key forces, functions, fundamental concept, characteristics, field’s elements etc make the mangers to function the organization effectively.

There are many challenges to be faced and opportunities to be explored. All human being are separate and considered as a whole person.

Their behavior and thinking process are also different to each other, there by the need different things in the own ways. A manger in charge must understand the subject matter or run an organization and bring it to an optimized state.

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