Thank you note for being a great friend

Friends can give you the most important favor of all–their love and concern during a difficult or trying time. These moments deserve recognition. Tell them how they’re sharing helps you or what you valued for their actions. They may not be aware that they did anything special. Here is a sample thank you note for being a great friend.

April 11, 2016


Dear Michael,

Just a note to say how much I appreciated your listening to me the other day when I was really depressed about breaking up with Rosanne. After ten years, it’s been really hard to say goodbye.

You have a real knack for listening and letting a guy talk himself out of his misery. It’s great to have you as a friend – it would have been much tougher to get through the holidays without your help.



Thank you note for being a great friend

Thank you note for being a great friend


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