Thank you note for taking care of pet

Although not as big a job as taking care of children, watching someone’s pet is also a responsibility. Don’t assume that it’s a job without effort or inconvenience. Acknowledge the person’s willingness to put himself or herself out for you in your letter of thanks. A sample thank you note for taking care of pet.

April 11, 2016


Dear Pahruiz,

I arrived home with a happy, contented cat last night. Thanks a million for taking the time to come over and feed Mr. Jenkins and play with him. I appreciated not only your care with his food and litter box but the attention you gave him – even brushing his coat.

It makes a big difference; he’s not as starved for my attention when I come back.If you ever need someone to take care of 2uinn when you’re gone, call on me. Thanks again for your loving care.




Thank you note for taking care of pet

Thank you note for taking care of pet


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