Advantages and Disadvantages of Interviews

An interview has great importance for both employer and employee and it’s like employment gets way for a job seeker. There are some advantages and disadvantages of interviews which are mentioned below:

Merits / Benefits / Advantages of interviews:

1. Personal interaction: Oral interview (viva-voice) gives an opportunity for personal interaction between interviewer and interviewee. Personal touch builds a relationship is the most significant advantage of interviews.

2. Justify subjective aspects: The interview help to evaluate or justify subjective aspects of the interviewee. As a result, changes if necessary, and be recommended.

3. Reduce grievance: Interview helps to reduce grievance through counseling and therefore the aggrieved person can get satisfaction.

4. Get motivated: The interview can make the interviewee be initiative and get motivated to work with honesty.

5. Congenial working environment: Interview if successful can bring a congenial working environment. This will lead to effective communication.

6. Better Communication: Facial expressions and gestures help to communicate in a better way because the message can be reinforced with the help of tone, pitch, and intensity of the speaker’s voice.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Interviews
Advantages and Disadvantages of Interviews

7. More considerate and sympathetic: Such conversation helps to change the tone and become more considerate and sympathetic if required by the environment or circumstances. So there is a provision for adjustment.

8. Encourage the audience instantly: Interview is widely used in case of public meetings or discussions. It can encourage or motivate the audience instantly.

9. Less preparation and involves quickness: It involves less preparation for transmitting any message and therefore it involves quickness.

10. Informal communication: It provides the opportunity for informal communication and helps to grow trusted relationships.

11. No-cost communication: The interview is a no-cost communication because there is no involvement of instruments or accessories. Only physical appearance or presence is sufficient to be involved in such a conversation.

Limitations / Disadvantages of Interview:

Although interview enjoys various advantages it also faces the following limitations:

1. Difficult to practice in large-sized Organizations: Interview is extremely difficult to practice in modern large-sized organizations, particularly if various units or departments are situated in different places.

2. No effective in large gatherings: It is very difficult to get a message across to large gatherings. Even though the speaker is addressing them face to face, the vital personal touch is missing. In the absence of satisfactory feedback, this speech leads to a monolog.

3. Ineffective if the listener is not attentive: The interview is closely linked with the listener’s attentiveness. Since human beings can listen to and catch messages faster than the speed at which they are delivered, they will easily get deviated if listeners are inattentive.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Interviews
Advantages and Disadvantages of Interviews

4. Raise barriers to communication: Oral interview involves personal touch i.e. mode, attitude, or perception which influences the interview in a very strong way. This can raise barriers to communication.

5. Subjective aspects: An oral interview is based on an evaluation of subjective aspects which can lead to brassiness.

6. Time-consuming: Interview whether oral or written is time-consuming and costly.

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