6 Most Important Functions of Job Interview

An interview is intended to perform many things. The functions of a job interview have great importance for both interviewer and interviewee.

Functions of job interview are as follows :

1. The interview obtains facts, opinions, or attitudes from the candidate or interviewer.

2. The interviewer provides facts, opinions, or attitudes to the interviewee.

3. The employment interview is an opportunity to hire an interviewer. Whereas it is an opportunity to get a suitable job for an interviewee.

Functions of Job Interview
Functions of Job Interview

4. In the case of a persuasive interview, the interviewer tries to persuade the interviewer to shape up attitude or behavior.

5. The performance appraisal interview gives the employee feedback regarding his performance and helps to encourage and reward employees.

6. The interview can recognize the performance of a respondent under the streets.

Therefore interviewer judge the competence and ability of an interviewee to work under pressure.

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