Benefits / Advantages of Job Satisfaction Studies

Job satisfaction is the key to success for any organization. So, every organization should study their employee satisfaction. Here we describe some major advantages of job satisfaction studies below:

Advantages of Job Satisfaction Studies

Monitoring Attitudes

One benefit of attitude studies is that they give management an indication of general levels of satisfaction in a company.

Surveys also indicate the specific areas of satisfaction or dissatisfaction (such as employee services) and the particular groups of employees (such as the marketing department or those employees who are approaching retirement).

Employees feelings

In other words, a survey tells how employees feel about their jobs, what parts of their jabs these feelings are focused on, which departments are particularly affected, and whose feelings are involved (e.g., supervisors, employees, or staff specialists).

Advantages of Job Satisfaction Studies
Advantages of Job Satisfaction Studies

Training needs can be identified

Since employees can report how well they feel their supervisor performs certain parts of the job, such as delegating work and giving adequate instructions.

Surveys can also help managers plan and monitor new programs, by getting feedback on proposed changes in advance and then conducting a follow-up survey to evaluate the actual response. The following example illustrates the multiple payoffs from attitude surveys:

Management improvement

Aaron Goldberg had strong feelings about how management could improve its ways of working with people. He felt that some changes were needed.

For more than a year he had been waiting for the right opportunity to-express his viewpoints, but the opportunity never seemed to develop. His ideas were bottled up within him, and he was beginning to feel agitated.

Time management

At about this time, management distributed a job satisfaction survey that included generous space for employee comments.

Aaron filled out the comments pages and then felt much better because finally, he had a chance to give management his ideas. The firm gained both useful ideas and a more satisfied employee.

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