Cover Letter Checklist (14 Ultimate Guideline)

When you send an application you must attach a cover letter with your application and review the checklist to ensure there is no missing all these basic things so that you can send a perfect cover letter to your prospective employer. So, here we provide a cover letter checklist below

Cover Letter Checklist

  1. Check the contact name and company name.
  2. Try to send your application to an individual, if it is possible.
  3. Mention your position where you apply for and where it was listed.
  4. Recheck your personal information like name, address, home phone, cell phone, and email.
  5. Mention your name and designation if you have a contact at that company in the first paragraph.
  6. Your cover letter might have to be targeted to the post you applied for.
  7. Your letter needs to be organized, clear, concise, and focused on your strong side.
  8. Explain clearly if you have any gaps in your job history.
  9. 10 or 12 is the best font size for the cover letter it is easy to read and the font should be Times New Roman or Arial, for example.
  10. Reconfirm that there is no typographical, grammatical, or spelling mistake.
  11. Read your cover letter loudly so that you can make sure there are no missing words.
  12. Collect a copy of your cover letter for your personal records.
  13. Sign the letter if you send hard copies.
  14. Send your application in a business envelope (first choice) and make sure your letter is on top of the resume.
Cover Letter Checklist
Cover Letter Checklist

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