How to Write a Cover Letter for a Resume? (15 Guideline)

A cover Letter has great importance in the job application and it helps you to express your mentality about the job that will help you to draw the attention of your employer which increases the chance of getting the job.
So this is very important to know how to write a cover letter for a resume. The following factors should be considered for how to write a cover letter for a resume.

The source of vacancy news should be stated. The source may be a newspaper or the internet which should be highlighted properly.

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Resume?

1. Date: When the advertisement for the vacancy has been published, It should also be mentioned in terms of date.

2. Structure: A specific structure is followed to draft such a letter. The applicant must be knowledgeable about the structure to be followed.

3. Name of the post: There may be many posts and therefore the post for which the applicant is applying should be highlighted in bold letters.

4. Subject Arrangement: Every subject should be arranged in a systematic way that will provide full information regarding the applicant.

5. Qualification: The qualification of the applicant should be laid down in a chronological way. He should mention his educational, professional, and additional qualifications in such a fashion so that employer notices properly.

6. Experience: If the applicant is an experienced hand, he should state those in order and in detail.

7. Personal details: The applicant should state his personal identification, nationality, religion, caste, hobby, etc. in a catchy way.

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Resume
How to Write a Cover Letter for a Resume

8. Rough Copy: To draft the main letter, a rough copy may be sketched first for accurate writing. Such a sketch will also help to produce a better draft.

9. Salary: Sometimes the expected salary is required to be mentioned and therefore the applicant should clearly state his expected salary.

10. About Referees/ Reference: The applicant is required to mention referees as demanded by the employer, So such demand should be properly met.

11. Transcripts: With the employment letter, a copy of every transcript is required to be attached properly.

12. Security: Whether the applicant is ready to provide any security should be mentioned clearly.

13. Bank Draft: Required bank draft or postal order should be attached with such a letter.

14. Promise: There must be a promise for working hard with discipline and honesty.

15. Signature: The employment letter must be signed with a date by the applicant.

The above factors along with conciseness, neatness and suitable language to be considered while drafting an employment letter, will bring completeness to such a letter and will be useful to raise interest.

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