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An executive summary is the prime part of a document. It means a brief discussion of that whole document. It may use in a business document, business proposal, internship report, research paper, etc. Here we provide a large number of the executive summary example below:

Executive Summary example

International Leasing Securities Limited (ILSL), a leading financial institution was established in 2008. The purpose of the company is to assist the stock brokerage operation and lease finance in Bangladesh through the provision of lease financing and other financial services for the development of industrial, energy, agricultural, transport, construction, telecommunication, power, medical, commercial, and other professional sectors.

International Leasing is now 13th ranked among the 20 non-banking financial institutions. On August 31, 2010, International Leasing has completed its two years of operation. Overall market share of the company during the last two years sat over 12%. It has also succeeded to maintain a significant market share of 12% and consistently holding the position among the top 20 companies in the market.

This report is a broad overview of the Stock Brokerage Operation, Lease Finance, promotional activities. This report is aimed at the eighteen objectives which give the reader an appreciation of the general nature of the Stock Brokerage Operation, Lease Finance, and promotional activities at International Leasing. The objectives include describing the Stock Brokerage Operation, Lease Finance, identify and narrate the major process constraints or leasing process, determine the average process length of the leasing process of International Leasing with other major competitors. A number of promotional activities that have taken by International Leasing are also focused here.


Executive Summary template

General Banking is an important part of any bank. General Banking expresses the overview activities of the bank. It also expresses the product, structure, accounting opening procedure, types of accounts, etc of the bank. Profitability includes the net profit and capital structure of the bank. To prepare this report I have discussed the profiles of Trust Bank Limited and its general banking business.

This report is prepared as requirements for the internship of the Bachelor of Commerce program of the Department of Commerce, Daffodil International University. This report focuses on the overall general banking activities of Trust Bank Limited.

My assigned bank is Trust Bank Limited which is operating banking activities through retail as well as corporate banking since 1999 till today. Trust Bank is a private bank. The Bank has now 29 Branches.

Trust Bank Limited has numerous products and among them we have focuses only on the products which are playing a major role in retail banking. I have discussed the profiles of the bank, TBL as general banking business.

I have collected all sorts of information related to their business activities to evaluate their performance. Through analysis, I have found that the bank’s performance is satisfactory compare to its competitors.

Executive Summary sample

A Report On Financial Inclusion: Importance of mobile payment system 

Micro Credit Financial Institutions like Grammen bank helped the Bangladesh government to achieve financial inclusion in terms of providing loan facilities to rural people. But there are still some problems Bangladesh Bank is facing to provide money transferring facility to the rural area as only 19% of them have a formal bank account.

The service of bKash can solve this problem immediately by giving access to money transfer facilities to more than 50% of the population with a mobile connection. The service is cost-effective and quicker than Banks. Also, it is much easier for people with less or no education to transfer money through bKash.

A lot of people working in Dhaka or other major cities of Bangladesh have to send money regularly to their family members in the village. This was a problem in past but now the mobile payment service made it much easier for them saving their time, cost, and energy.  Also, the number of outlets from which money can be received and send through bKash is more than the number of branches of banks in rural areas. Customers can make transactions in these outlets from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 7 days a week.

These facilities made it easier for busy people to transfer money through bKash. If the government takes the necessary steps to promote this service in the rural areas of Bangladesh, surely it will have a very good impact on achieving financial inclusion in Bangladesh.

Executive Summary format

This report on An Analysis of Financial Activity of “Al-Arafah Islami Bank Ltd. Mirpur Branch. Of AIBL, Mirpur Branch” is part of the internship program. The internship program on this topic is done under the supervision of Md. Ashraful Islam, Assistant Professor of IT, Bangladesh Islami University. This report covers the overall performances that are general banking, Credit management & investment of Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited. The source data is mainly secondary, which was collected from monthly and daily reports of AIBL, Mirpur Branch. The primary data collected from interviews, different personnel of AL-Arafah Islami Bank Limited.

The report contains some statistical tools which will help us to find different ratios and trends which indicate the present condition of the bank and also the condition of Mirpur Branch. Different types of accounts and their operations, loans, and their collection method, duration, and policy have been found in this report. The overall banking activity has been monitored closely for the duration of the internship period.

The internship report is divided into three parts. The first part is the organization part, the second one is the projecting part and the last part is the concluding part. The organization part discusses the inception history, management, and structure, Financial Activities deposit performance, etc. The project part describes the Financial Activities general banking performance, credit performance, and foreign exchange affairs. The concluding part includes the findings and recommendations. This report is showing all the operational performance of Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited, Mirpur Branch.

Executive Summary example

This report provides comprehensive and practical exposure to the field of overall activities followed by Bangladesh Development Bank Ltd.

During the Internship Period, I was assigned responsibility in the various department of Bangladesh Development Bank Ltd. Bangladesh Development Bank Ltd commences its operation from the Loan operation department where they scrutinize the loan proposal and appraise the proposed investment sector from various aspects, viz. organization and management, technological, marketing, economic, and profitability.

Fate the proper assessment BDBL provides a loan to invest in the proposed sector. Bangladesh Development Bank Ltd also monitors and gives suggestions from site selection to final submission of the report. With great ambition, BDBL has started its operation, but unfortunately, it is now a losing concern. Now a day, BDBL tries to minimize its range of loan operations due to the unethical practice of entrepreneurs of misuse funds and money transfers to another project. BDBL also tries to find out the thrust sector and actual entrepreneur those who have interested in an established profitable industry. This institution was able to reduce its loss.

The Human Resources Department coordinates staffing decisions in the firm so that an organization as a whole meets legal requirements. This department also provides needed consistency in administering organization rules, wages, and policies. Bangladesh Development Bank Ltd is contributing a lot for the last 38 years in economic development (especially in the industrial sectors) in our country. Their activities are development-oriented and productive. BDBL gives human resource practices guidelines for the advancement of various sectors for industrialization.

This study is conducted mainly by questionnaires and by taking oral interviews of the officials. Many journals and publications were also used for precise data and information.

Findings and conclusions show that BDBL follows unique rules and regulations in its activities. It also shows that BDBL utilizes the Govt. judgment and methods in dealing with their activities. I hope this study has some implications aimed at improving the Overall Activities of BDBL.

Executive summary for internship report

A study on the effects of leader’s motivating language on subordinate performance and job satisfaction in the commercial banks of Bangladesh

 Executive Summary

The findings of this study are-

  • There was a significant positive relation (25.8%) between direction giving language and job satisfaction but a little negative relation (0.1%) between direction giving language and job performance.
  • Empathetic language had both positive relations with job satisfaction (1.2%) and job performance (13.5%) but the relation with the performance was higher than satisfaction.
  • Meaning-making language had a negative relation with both satisfaction and performance.

This report was the result of a group work assigned by the Managerial Communication course instructor, Mr. Saif Noman Khan, as part of the course requirement. This study was done to correlate theory and practice to show that superior’s use of Sullivan’s (1988) “Motivating Language Theory” has how much effect on subordinates performance and job satisfaction in the banking sector of Bangladesh.

Subordinate performance and job satisfaction depend on many factors like leaders motivating language, organizational environment, culture, compensation package, and organizational commitment, and so on. But in this report, leaders motivating language was assumed as the only independent variable to measure subordinate performance and job satisfaction.

According to Sullivan, there are three forms of motivating speech. They are the following:

  • Direction-giving (perlocutionary)
  • Empathetic (illocutionary)
  • Meaning-making (locutionary)

This study was done on the following hypothesis:

  • Hypothesis 1: There is a significant and positive relationship between a leader’s use of motivating language and a subordinate’s performance.
  • Hypothesis 2: There is a significant and positive relationship between a leader’s use of motivating language and a subordinate’s job satisfaction.
  • Hypothesis 3: The latent motivating language variable is significantly reflected through the measures of direction giving, empathetic, and meaning-making language.

The sources of this report were mainly primary in nature as a survey was conducted.  During the survey, the managers evaluated their employees’ performance. On the other side, employees answered the questions related to job satisfaction and different types of motivational language used by their manager. For subordinates, there were four options to evaluate. These options were satisfaction and the leader’s three types of motivating language i.e. direction giving, meaning-making, and empathy.

There were three independent and two dependent variables. The independent variables were the three types of motivating language and the dependent variables were job satisfaction and performance. The data related to these five variables were analyzed by regression analysis of SPSS.

When the supervisor provides precise instruction of the subordinates’ missions and offers compliments and encouragements, the subordinates’ job satisfaction is likely to be higher. In addition, it is worth noting that, when the supervisor established a close relationship with the subordinates, the use of direction-giving language and empathetic language will result in a more significant positive influence on the enhancement of job satisfaction. When the supervisor provides precise instruction of the subordinates’ missions and offers compliments and encouragements, the subordinates’ job satisfaction is likely to be higher.

The motivating language itself appears to be most strongly affected by a leader’s direction-giving language and empathetic factors and slightly less strongly represented by the meaning-making factor. One possible limitation of these findings is that the use of meaning-making language may be most prevalent during the early phase of the leader-worker relationship and times of cultural change. If so, we may not be fully capturing the meaning-making language’s full strength. Future research should explore this relationship.

The use of motivating language, rather than an authoritative leadership style will greatly enhance the job satisfaction and performance of the subordinates.

Executive summary of internship report


This report represents the working experience of a private sector commercial bank operated in Bangladesh named “United Commercial Bank Limited” as an internship report for the BBA program.

United Commercial Bank Limited has already shown impressive performance in relation to keeping sound outstanding of their inter-branch amount transaction. It is possible for UCB bank by use of reconciliation. This system increases its account division performance. Also with the use of recon reduce so many faulty transactions and mismatch. It’s a software-based system that’s why no chance of being any major problem.

In this report, I want to mention some important side of the reconciliation process that can enhance the knowledge of general people about how it becomes beneficial for banking transaction management. Most of the foreign banks use to reconcile their transaction daily but though in our country in banking sector use the online system but it never can introduce daily basis reconcile the transaction. The reason behind it also discusses in the later main part of this report.

The outstanding of United Commercial Bank Limited is now so satisfactory because of inflow or outflow of invest in this bank should maintain very strictly as well as efficiently by using reconciliation.

Nevertheless, the bank has strong participation in amount transaction with other banks where reconciliation makes sure that every transaction is very accurate. It also is involved in equalization of the inter-branch transaction very firstly through which it contributes to the national economy of the country. Through all these myriad activities of reconciliation, United Commercial Bank Limited has created a positive impact in the banking sector.

Internship executive summary

Executive Summary

The report is prepared as a partial requirement of the BBA program of the final term. There are twelve trimesters in the BBA program and the final trimester in the internship program in any business organization. The program is an integral part of the BBA degree requirement. The theoretical knowledge that we acquire from class lectures, books, journals, case studies, seminars, projects, workshops, etc. we replenished in the practical setting. Here I also get an opportunity to realize the relevance and usefulness of the learning. This report is oriented as the course requirement of the course of the BBA program of Stamford University, Bangladesh as the practical orientation is an integral part of the BBA degree requirement. I was sent to UCBL to take the real-life exposure of the activities of Foreign exchange from May 17, 2009.

The main objective of the study is to conduct an assessment of the implementation of Foreign Exchange and the recommendation of a practical and feasible solution to the successful implementation of the project. Besides, the objective of the study is to have a clear knowledge about the foreign exchange status of the bank, to identify the gaps in knowledge about Foreign Exchange in Bangladesh, prepare the action plan, to have a cost-effective solution for Foreign Exchange in UCBL.

The purpose of this study is more than having experience in the real business world. Throughout the preparation of this paper, it is tried to build a well-thought-out form of the report, by using the draft ideas and documents, from which the reader can easily comprehend the Letter of Credit procedure.

Executive summary example for a report

Executive Summary

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program will be a full-time 144 credit hours professional program. The program is designed to meet the needs of the students who want to develop their careers as executives in the fields of different business areas as well as teaching and research positions in different institutions. To obtain this degree, the Internship program is an integral part. After the completion of eleven semesters, the internship program is organized by the department in some particular organizations to give the students exposure to real-world business. Along with theoretical knowledge, such practical knowledge is very crucial for business students.

In 1993, Bangladesh Bank as suggested by Financial Sector Reform Project (FSRP) first introduced and directed to use of the Credit Risk Grading system in the Banking Sector of Bangladesh under the caption “Lending Risk Analysis (LRA)”. In January 2004, BIBM was instructed by Governor Bangladesh Bank to produce a Credit Risk Grading Manual (CRGM) based on the Core Risks Management Guidelines and totally modify the Lending Risk Analysis system.

The project part is done on “Credit Risk Grading”. Here, first of all, I have collected all information about the Risk management system on how to measure and minimize risk. I tried to calculate The Credit risk of the Clients. Then analyze the overview of Credit Risk Grading of various items. Then I have found out the reasons behind the necessity of this grading. Because after calculating the CRG then I count the risk of a client. Then I take action easily for approval of the loan sanction. To do this I am calculated and a survey of 20 to25 clients CRG. I have noted my key findings from the research, made a conclusion about it, and at the very end, I have provided some recommendations from which further conclusive research can be carried out.

When a bank gets into serious financial trouble, its problems usually spring from loans that have become uncollectible due to mismanagement, the risk can’t identify, or an unexpected economic downturn. The Credit Risk Grading minimizes this problem because include these methods provide a specific guideline about lending criteria. Usually, this involves a detailed analysis of the financial risk, industry risk, Security risk, management risk, and related risk of the clients with the bank.

Executive summary sample for project report

Executive Summary

This report was originated as the result of my internship, which I did, as a mandatory requirement of the BBA program. This report is prepared on the basis of my internship in Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited (SJIBL), in Banani Branch, which was assigned to me by the Supervisor Mr. Moniruzzaman, Bangladesh University of Business & Technology. The objective of this report was to gain knowledge about SJIBL and its overall Banking Operation & Performance, Investment and Foreign Exchange & finding possible problems in the Branch, and suggesting possible solutions based on the guidelines of Bangladesh Bank. 

The report is on the “Overall Banking activities of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited”.

In this report, things that I have performed in the bank are briefly explained along with the special assignment that I have done as per the instruction of my supervisor in the university and also a bank.

Shahjalal Bank Limited was established as a public limited company on April 01, 2001, under the company act, 1994. The bank commenced its commercial operation in accordance with Islamic Shariah on the 10th May 2001 under the ambit of the bank companies Act, 1991. The name of the bank was changed to Shahjalal Islami bank limited 10th May 2004. Last five years, SJIBL has increased its service coverage by opening new branches at different strategically important locations across the country.

In this report I tried to focus on all kinds of activities of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited like their cash and deposit department, loan and advance department, foreign exchange department, and International activities. Analyzing the Bank I found some problems (gap management, limited branch network, the concentration of loans, etc.), for which I made some recommendations as well. I have recommended that the Bank’s management should reduce the gap between its interest rate sensitive assets and interest rate sensitive liabilities by investing more in interest-rate sensitive assets. For expanding geographically the bank should open up new branches in strategically important places. The Bank needs to think about its hierarchy system as well. The performance of the Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited as a whole is said to be quite standard.

Content of executive summary

Executive Summary

This report is prepared as per the requirements of the internship of the BBA program of the Department of Accounting & Information Systems, University of Dhaka. This report focuses on the overall performance of the Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd. and especially profitability analysis.

Performance Evaluation is an important part of any organization. The performance of any bank includes the performance and profitability in general banking, foreign exchange banking investment banking, and the capital structure of the bank. To prepare this report I have discussed the profiles of Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd. Its general banking business, foreign exchange, and investment banking performance and profitability. I have included data for more than six years.

Shahjalal Islami Bank Ltd. is operating banking activities through retail as well as corporate banking from 2001 to today. SJIBL is a private bank. The Bank has now 21 Branches.

SJIBL has numerous products and among them we have focuses only on the products which are playing a major role in retail banking. I have compared the bank’s performance and profitability with nine other banks by grouping them into Traditional Banks and Islamic Shariah Based Banks.

I have collected all sorts of information related to their business activities to evaluate their performance. Through analysis, I have found that the bank’s performance is satisfactory, and the bank is now in the growing stage.

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