Sample Preface for Internship Report

The preface is one of the essential parts of the internship report. Without a preface, you can’t complete your internship report. Here are some sample preface for the internship report so that you can get an idea about this internship report preface and you can create it for your internship report.

Preface for internship report

Preface for the Internship Report

This report is prepared to fulfill the requirement of the MBA program of International Islamic University Chittagong, Dhaka Campus on “Remittance Management System (RMS) of Sonali Bank Limited”.

I have chosen Sonali Bank Limited because it is the largest financial organization in Bangladesh, it has a great financial influence over the country, and it provides the major portion of funding to some income-generating and economic development projects namely, Poverty alleviation, Credit programs, and Agro-based Industry Credit programs in the rural areas, it has large participation in foreign exchange business and off-balance sheet activities.

The prime focus of this study is to highlight and analyze the Remittance Management System (RMS). This is the new invention of Sonali Bank Limited to process and credit the foreign remittance within 8-24 hours to the beneficiary accounts.

This software is developed by the software developers of the bank own. Here I tried my best to focus on the overall scenario of Foreign Remittance management at Sonali Bank Limited.

The main source of data is annual reports (2000-2005) issued by Sonali Bank, other sources are the website annual conference report 2008. All this information was basically secondary data.

This study is divided into several sections. The first section, is the introductory part, namely the Statement of the Problem, Objectives of the study, Research methodology, Limitations, and Coverage of the study.

In the second section, the background of Sonali Bank Limited has stated briefly as the organization set up in the bank. The next couple of sections deals with general banking, advance and foreign exchange sections, remittance management system, and evaluate the performance of these sections and identify some problems and give some suggestions to overcome the problems.

The last chapter deals with a SWOT analysis, conclusion, and some recommendations to overcome the problems and reach a new level of service in the financial sector of Bangladesh.

Imtiaz Uddin Sajib
Student ID: 3377065
MBA program
International Islamic University Chittagong
Dhaka Campus

Sample preface for internship report

Preface for Internship Report

The present report is the outcome of the Internship Program of The University of Asia Pacific organized at the Social Investment Bank Limited. The objective of the internship program was to familiarize the student with the implementation of the knowledge she/he earned on campus. The practical knowledge is far different from the bookish knowledge that a student achieves in an institution.

The major problem that I faced during my internship was that there were not sufficient published documents available on the Social Investment Bank Limited from where I could get any information about the bank. Due to the limitation of time, it was not possible to include all the aspects of the Social Investment Bank Limited as it deals with hundreds of different items.

The report focuses on a few of the important aspects of the bank like different types of banking services provided to the clientele including general banking, foreign exchange, and investment.

An important thing that I feel important to mention is that in some cases, some practices are performed which are not accepted theoretically.

The present is not free of limitations. There might have problems regarding lack of limitation in some aspects and also some minor mistakes such as typing mistakes. These few drawbacks have occurred merely due to time limitations and a lack of secondary sources of information.

Though I have tried my best to keep the report free from errors, I apologize if any error is found which was not deliberately made. If the report can help any person in providing information, I will feel that the purpose of the report has been fulfilled. Please feel free to contact me if any question arises.

Hasina Begum.
ID: 06106013.
Student of MBA

Sample preface for internship report
Sample Preface for Internship Report

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