10 Essential Factors Contributing to Participation in Management

There are some factors that affect participation. These factors contributing to participation are discussed as follows:

Factors contributing to participation

1. Research Result: Sometimes management gets suggestion from research. Positive result of the research encouraged participation. So management should analyze the research result carefully.

2. Pressure for productivity improvement: Pressure for productivity improvement may create a positive environment for participation. It encourages employees to take part in participation process. This results increases in productivity.

3. Utilization of employee diversity: Different workers have different types of skills, experience and talents. Participation makes a scope for management to use those things properly. When management can use those things in right way organization can easily reach to its target.

4. Employee desires & Expectations: Every worker has various expectations. The expectations and desires increase day by day. So workers response to participation program to meet up their desires an make the participation successful.

5. Ethical Argument: Ethical strengths of the employees affect participation. When ethical arguments are strong, participation become more effective and permanent in nature.

Factors Contributing to Participation
Factors Contributing to Participation

6. Leader: The attitude of leader is a vital thing in this regard. Democratic leader has some advantage than the autocratic leader. Autocratic leader may ask for employee’s participation, but he makes the decision. This kind of situation may hamper organizational development.

7. Environment: Participation is affected by environment in which the organization operates. So environment should be considered for the effective result of it. When environment is favorable participation becomes successful.

8. Size of Organization: Many survey on employee involvement fond a significant positive relationship between organizational size and employee participation practices.

This may be due the fact that larger organizations are more likely to adopt innovative practices and/or because they have greater motivational problems that they try to resolve through participation management.

Some other studies have found a negative relationship between organizational size and levels of employee involvement (Heller et.al.1998).

It may be that different relationships have been found because the direction of the relationship between organizational size and employee involvement depends on the type of participation employed.

9. Employee: Employees are one of the most important factors that have a great role in participation. If employees do not accept participation process they will not act positively. So it will be very difficult for the organization to achieve its goals.

10. Trade Union: All most all the large organizations have one or more than one trade union in it. Mentality of union’s leader or member is another important factor which affects the participation.

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