Different Areas of Role Conflict

Our life is of conflict. Very often we are doing conflicting activates or playing conflicting roles. Some of the important different areas of role conflict may be discussed as under:

Different areas of role conflict

1. One commitment: A doctor who has two commitments that of a doctor and that of a father. He must decide whether he should present his daughter’s birthday party or to attain an ailing patient. He must save patients.

2. Cognitive dissonance: A man takes on both role of father and coach. If his boy makes a bad play then they must take out his son.

3. Role balance: Every role has a positive and negative impact. To minimize this conflict one should maintain the role balance against role conflict.

4. Maintaining status: Role conflict occurs frequently in maintaining status. Someone faces ambiguity to take a decision. To minimize this one should make co-operative relations.

5. Management view: Mangers would be employee-oriented or production oriented. Here management should erase this conflict and take a whole production-oriented decision.

Different Areas of Role Conflict
Different Areas of Role Conflict

6. Effectiveness: If role conflict arises then the effectiveness of a company will fall. For that reason management should avoid role conflict.

7. Efficiency: The efficiency of a company depends on the appropriate role of management. If role conflict occurs in the decision-making efficiency of the company will fall down.

8. Time-consuming: If role conflict arises then valuable time will be lost. To minimize time-consuming management should avoid role conflict.

9. Forward-looking: Management should be forward-looking. For that reason management should control the role of conflict.

10. Controlling Management: To control the management one should remove role conflict.

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