16 Essential Factors Affecting Personality Development

There are various factors that can affect personality. Some of them are most important so, we discuss here 8 essential factors affecting personality as follows:

Factors affecting personality development

1. Education: Education can affect personality because this is the most powerful way to develop the personality. So, we mention education is the first factor that affects personality.

2. Family Environment: Every person learns his first lesson from his family. Every child follows his / her parents and this is the starting point of growing the human personality.

So, the family environment another most important factor that affects personality. The family is the cradle of all social virtues. The original setting, the kid moves in, is his home.

Here the child comes connected along with his oldsters, and different loved ones his likes, dislikes, stereotypes concerning individuals, expectations of security, and emotional responses all area unit formed in the time of life.

The kind of coaching and time of life experiences received from the family plays a crucial role in the development of temperament.

Besides this, economic factors, i.e., condition of the household and therefore the variety of relations between the fogeys also influence the personality of the kid.

3. Culture: Culture has a great impact on a person’s personality. As a result of this, we saw personality differ in the various socio-cultural country.

4. Religion thoughts: Religion can play a vital role in developing a person’s personality because from childhood a man grows up which his / her religious value.

Factors Affecting Personality
Factors Affecting Personality

5. Workplace environment: Men spend most of the time in their work environment so, the work environment is a great important factor that affects personality. For example, the personality of doctors and police has a great distance which happens for their work environment.

6. Social status: Social status can affect personality very effectively. We can see this impact of social status in personality if we look at different people whose status is different in society.

7. Characteristics of peer group: This is another most important factor that affects personality more effectively.

8. Childhood memories: Human personality can effect by childhood memories. There are a huge number of people who have much affection for the particular thing this happens for childhood memories.

9. Sex DifferencesSex variations play a significant role in the development of the temperament of the individual. Boys are typically a lot of assertive and vigorous. They like adventures as well as sex differences. Women area unit quieter and a lot of bruised by personal, emotional, and social issues.

10. Intelligence & Nervous SystemIntelligence is primarily hereditary. Persons of the United Nations agency area unit terribly intelligent will build higher adjustment in a home, faculty, and society than those that area unit less capable. The development of temperament is influenced by the character of the system.

11. Cultural EnvironmentThe cultural setting refers to bound cultural traditions, ideals, and values, etc., that area unit accepted in a very explicit society. These factors leave a permanent impression on the child’s temperament.

12. School EnvironmentSchools play a crucial role in molding the personality of the kids as a result of a significant part of a child’s life is spent in class between the ages of vi and twenty years. Within the faculty, the teacher substitutes the fogeys for the students.

The varsity poses new issues that have to be solved. As well as the new taboos need to be accepted into the superego and new models for imitation and identification, all of that contribute their share in molding temperament.

13. LanguageHuman beings have a particular characteristic of communication through language. Language is a crucial vehicle by the society is structured and culture of the race transmitted from generation to generation. The method of interaction forms the child’s temperament through language with different members of his setting.

14. Social RoleThe child needs to play many roles like the younger son, elder brother student, finance officer, husband, and father. The Social effective roles are also delineated as the method by that the co-operative behavior and communications among the society members area unit expedited.

15. Interpersonal RelationsInterpersonal relationships among the members of a community area unit vital mean that that facilitates the development of bound social temperament characteristics like attraction towards others, the conception of friendly relationship, love, sympathy, hostility, and additionally isolation that could be a negative orientation.

16. Psychological FactorsThese embody our motives, noninheritable interests, our attitudes, our can and character, our intellectual capacities like intelligence, i.e., the skills to understand, to observe, to imagine, to suppose, and to reason.

These factors verify our reactions in numerous things, and so have an effect on our temperament, growth, and direction. A person with a substantial quantity of can power is ready to build choices a lot of quickly than others.

Thus, we have a tendency to see that hereditary, environmental and psychological factors contribute towards the event of temperament.

Actually, personality can be affected by various factors and it varies from man to man. A factor may affect someone’s personality very seriously. On the other hand, the same factor may cause no reaction to others. development

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