How to Attract Customers to Domestic goods?

The attraction of domestic customers to our goods can play a significant role in increasing productivity. There are various ways of attracting goods/products. Let’s know how to attract customers to domestic goods:

How to attract customers

1. Advertisement: The most important ways to attract customers are by the means of TV, News Paper, billboards, Radio, Internet, etc advertisements.

2. Company GoodwillAnother important way to attract customers is the company’s goodwill. If a company has better goodwill then the customers have reliability on their products.

3. Easily Available: The customers prefer the goods/products which are available within their location. That is door to door delivery system may be adopted.

4. Good packaging: Another way of attracting customers is good/packaging for the purpose of safe handling.

5. Promotional campaign: To present the new products to the customers through trade fairs, and introduce them to special areas such as supermarkets, universities, schools, colleges, etc.

6. Maintain a strong supply chain management system: One of the most important ways for good distribution systems to the whole seller and retailers so that they can meet the demand of their customers.

7. Special discount: Special discounts such as 10%or 20% extra products or price discounts may be allowed.

8. Free product or gift: If bought one product get another one or a special gift may be offered.

How to Attract Customers
How to Attract Customers

9. Brand value: Without if the product is a brand product then the customers will prefer those products without any hesitation.

10. Quality products: If the company offers quality products then the customers will want to prefer to buy those products whatever the prices.

11. The motivation of customers: Motivation of customers to use their local or domestic products. For this, they can arrange seminars and counseling about the special benefits or advantages of using domestic products. It will increase the national income.

12. Environmental consensus: Now a day become too much environmental consensus. If the manufacturing of the products does because of any harmful effect on the domestic environment then the customers will be motivated to buy those products.

13. Moral changes: Some people have a preference for foreign companies products. To change these attitudes local company needs to take some steps to change the morality of the local customers to use domestic products.

14. Increase patriotism: Increasing patriotism is too much necessary to attract customers to domestic goods/products in Bangladesh. The government and the organization need to take some necessary actions to increase patriotism.

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