Motivational tools for employees to improve productivity

Motivation is an important tool for improving productivity. There are two of motivational tools, such as;

  1. Financial motivation
  2. Non-financial motivation

Financial motivational tools

Financial motivation gives employee financial support. These are as follows:

  1. Bonus & incentives: Bonus is a kind of incentives that given to the employees are different types on the basis of performance.
  2. Allowance: Allowance is given an amount or sum allowed, especially regularly for a stated purpose.
  3. Transportation facilitiesBy providing transportation facilities organization can motivate employees.
  4. Medical allowance: By providing medical facilities organization can motivate employees.
  5. Accommodation facilities: Organization provides accommodation facilities for motivating employees.
  6. Educational grant: By providing educational grants organization can motivate employees.
  7. Insurance: Organization can provide group family insurance and individual insurance for motivating employees.
  8. Provident fund: Organization can make a provident fund to motivate employees that can reduce their post retirement insecurity.
  9. Gratuity: Gratuity can improve, the productivity of employee by getting a handsome amount from the organization
  10. Promotion: On the basis of employee performance organization upgrade employee work position.


    Motivational tools for employees to improve productivity

Non-financial motivational tools

Organization can motivate employee by providing non financial motivational tools such, as:

  1. Participation in decision makingOrganization  should   allow  their employee to participate in the decision making process. It’s an important motivational tool.
  2. Reward: Reward is another motivational tool for pate in employee satisfaction.
  3. Empowerment: Listen to what employee wants to say and use their ideas,
  4. Trade union facilities: It is another important motivational tool for ensuring employee right.
  5. Job security: The most important motivational tool are job security. By providing job security to employee organization can achieve their goals.
  6. Safety: Employee will be motivated if they are provided safety by the organization.
  7. Recreation: By providing recreation facilities organization can motivate employees.
  8. Enhance career development: Use training and development activities as a tool to employee rely for the next steps.
  9. Job rotation: Through by rotation, employees become efficient in different tasks of the organization.
  10. Job satisfaction: By ensuring job satisfaction organization can motivate their employees.
  11. Training: Training make employee more efficient. Organization motivates employee by providing them on-the-job and off-the Job training.
  12. Status: Organization can help employee to increase their career and family status.
  13. Recognition: By providing recognition on the basis of the employee performance, organization can motivate its employees.

These are the financial and non-financial motivational tools. Organization can use these tools for motivating their employees.

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