Job Acceptance Letter Sample

If you decide to accept the offer, your letter constitutes a form of written contact. The following items can be included in the contract. Also, the job acceptance letter sample is provided below:

  1. Statement of acceptance of the job offer.
  2. In the next paragraph restate why you believe your new employer made the right choice.
  3. A date should be mentioned when you can report for work

Job acceptance letter sample


[Mr./Ms. Full name]
[Employer name]
[Employer street address]
[City, state zip code]

Dear [Mr./Ms. Name]:

I am pleased to accept your offer of a senior editor position at your renowned newspaper. You can be sure that I will bring all my experience as an editor with a great sense of responsibility and honesty.

I believe that my general familiarity will enable me to make a smooth transition from the temporary editor to full-time editor. I will be able to start on February 1, 2021, as we discussed over the phone.

Thank you for this grand opportunity.

[Your Name]

Job Acceptance Letter Sample

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