Various Misuse of Committees

committees are the most important part for every kind of organization cause it plays a vital role in the success of organization so misuse of committees are also a great fact because it can be a matter of headache so we discuss the following circumstances:

Misuse of committees

For unimportant decisions
The use of a committee involves cost both in terms of money and time. Thus its use should be limited to important matters. It needs to mention that no busy executive can help to feel uncomfortable when time is wasted by the committee members deliberating at length on trivial subjects.

For replacing a manager
A committee cannot replace a line manager. It can better perform advisory functions. In fact, most committees function in this manner, leaving the real decision-making and managing to the line executives to whom they report.

For decisions beyond participant’s authority
Sometimes the important committee members, instead of attending committee meetings themselves, send subordinates who have not had the superior’s authority delegated to them. As a result, the committee fails to function as intended.

For consolidating divided authority
In large organizations having several departments, authority is so delegated that in some cases no one except the chief executive has adequate authority to do what must be done. If such a problem of divided authority can be eliminated either by delegating authority properly or by changing the organization structure, the use of the committee is inappropriate.

Misuse of Committees

For research or study
Research and study are essentially not group activities. A group of people meeting together can hardly engage in research or study that requires individual devotion and a proper bent of mind, more than anything else.

Gathering information is also an individual function, even though individuals may be co-ordinated into a team with individual research assignments. Most monumental research works and studies are the results of individual efforts, although committees may be there to evaluate them.

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