Objectives of Maintaining Social System

The social system is the main element for social balance and that has great importance in our social life. The social system is very much objective oriented. The objectives of maintaining the social system are as follows:

Objectives of maintaining the social system

1. Behavior among people: The behavior of any one member of a social system in an organization can have an impact, directly, indirectly on the behavior of any other.

2. Engaging in exchanging Views in the environment: The key players of the social system receive input from it and after processing provides output to it.

3. Interaction with Surrounding: Social system works as a chain in maintaining interaction with surrounding.

4. Global trade and marketing: The social system is very much important as global trade and international marketplace for a firm’s products and services vastly expand the need of the customer and organization.

5. Social equilibrium: Social system plays a very important role in maintaining social equilibrium when there is a dynamic working balance among the interdependent parts. The system like a sea, but over time the sea’s basic character changes very little.

Objectives of Maintaining Social System

6. To combat organizational challenge: Sometimes an organization faces some critical financial challenge. To resolve the challenge one person is not enough. In that case social increases interaction between people to meet the organizational challenge.

7. To cope up with the effect of change: When productivity is increased then it is called the functional effect. When productivity is declining then it is called the dysfunctional effect. In both case, the social system work with the effect of change.

8. To maintain a psychological and economic relationship: When an employee joins an organization, they make an unwritten psychological contract with it. This contract along with the economic contracts is exchanger’s wages and working conditions wherein the social system plays a very important role.

9. To Resolve Role conflict in the Organization: Each employee performs many roles in an organization. Some of the roles are significant and some are insignificant. The social system plays a very important role to resolve the role conflict.

10. To Understand Organizational Culture: One employee unable to know all the elements of organizational culture. The social system helps employees understand organizational culture and its effects if achieving organizational goals.

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