Patient Follow Up Letter Sample for Dental Patient

Sometimes we don’t complete our full treatment because of our negligence. It is bad for our health. Most of us didn’t think to take proper care of our bodies. It is not good for our health. If we start treatment of any problem, then we have to continue it.

We need to take proper care of our health. Because health is wealth. The patient follows up letter is basically a letter written on behalf of the doctor to his or her patients to complete the full treatment. It can help patients to complete full treatment and lead healthy life.

Patient follow up letter sample

Date: November 22, 2022

Dear (Receiver’s name),

We have tried a lot to contact your contact number. The main reason behind it, is we try to remember your next session of treatment is coming at (Mention the Date).

Since you have a high decay rate in your mouth, I placed many temporary fillings to cover the spread of decay. As I indicated to you that these fillings are temporary and must be treated with crowns and permanent fillings that will last longer.

Please contact my secretary if you need to change the date. However, if you don’t want to complete your treatment with me, please let my office know so that I can forward your full records to the appropriate dentist.

There will be a small duplicating charge for this. Please don’t neglect it. Your negligence can be dangerous for your teeth, especially for your health. Try to complete the full treatment as soon as possible. Try to avoid eating those foods which can harmful to your teeth. I will look forward to your reply.  Best wishes for your healthy life.

(Your Name)

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