Present Level of Motivation of Private Executives

Motivation is the most effective way of engaging an employee with their job so that an organization can achieve its goal easily.

So, here we describe the present level of motivation of private executives which are maintained in private organizations.

The present level of motivation of private executives

  1. Private executives are provided with attractive salary package.
  2. They are provided with a well-furnished office with a lucrative interior.
  3. They are often provided with an all-time dedicated car for his own and his family’s purpose.
  4. They avail of a well-reputed social status.
  5. They are provided with several professional tours and seminars at home and abroad with handsome travel and accommodation allowance.
  6. They enjoy several official parties in aristocrat hotels and convention centers.
  7. They enjoy the heavy bonuses indifferent festival.
  8. They often get the chance of switching their job in different private sectors with higher ranks and salaries
  9. Bank executives are facilitated with different loan facilities with a very low-interest rate.

Motivation is a general term applying to the entire class of drives, desires, needs, wishes, and similar forces. Organizations also have to find out ways for satisfying their employees.

Employees, managers, may be motivated by awarding some incentives. Motivational theories are very important for management.

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