6 Major and Common Causes of Poor Motivation

There may many causes of poor motivation. These causes vary from person to person or palace to place or situation to situation. However, these cause or discussed below:

Motivation is essential to achieve a business goal. Positive motivation can change productivity dramatically. There are various types of motivation but all of them are not may right. If you make a mistake to motivate the workforce may react negatively.

So, we should be highly careful about the motivating process.

Causes of poor motivation

  1. Minimal job training is the 1st canes of min motivation of employees, which affects productivity.
  2. Due to a lack of clearly defined goals, employees may not understand their future management.
  3. Luck of performing all feedback may decrease the interest of work or as it cannot help than to get any benefit.
  4. Massey work areas can hamper discipline of work which can create disregard for superior or work.
  5. Social facilitation destroys attention, Repetitiveness.
  6. The repetitiveness of work can cause boredom monitory.
Causes of Poor Motivation

People who struggle with poor motivation are usually labeled as lazy by those who know them. Poor motivation is the mind’s way of preventing the body from going into complete exhaustion.

Engaging in an activity that a person has no motivation can prove to be energy-consuming for the mind and body.

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