Sales Promotion Letter Sample

Business letters promote the goodwill of a business. Although such letter seems irrelevant apparently, are becoming part of the official routine now. However, care should be taken to keep in mind what are the customer’s requirements and one should offer one’s best for him. Let’s know how to write a sales promotion letter. We also provide a sample letter.

The approach of such goodwill letters should be cordial. A slight personal touch can work better. These letters should be specific and precise.

Those engaged in sales promotion realize the real worth of correspondence building up goodwill. The best way to achieve a customer’s goodwill is to offer his best services and look into his genuine complaints. Very often customer letters promote mutual understanding and are of considerable help, in times of fierce competition. One has to have a constructive approach to business.

Manufacture’s Goodwill letter:

  • First of all, express pleasure over the customer’s for goods.
  • According to the query of the customer price list and a sample of goods should be sent.
  • Now suggest some business aspects promoting goodwill.
  • Close the letter offering extra services.

Sales promotion letter sample

Dear Sir,
We are pleased to have your letter of 3rd July 2014 seeking information about a variety of plastic products. As per your request, we enclose herewith our sample of the product and its price list. You are most welcome to visit our factory. If there is anything more we could do for you, please do not hesitate to write to us.

Thank you-

Yours faithfully

Ziaul Haq

Sales promotion letter sample

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