Sample Letter Request for Refund of Payment

When your accommodations are not what you reserved, you have a right to ask for a refund. Remember, however, that the desk clerk usually does not have the power to authorize a refund or reduction in rats when the hotel, motel, or resort makes a mistake. Only the manager or vice president can do so. Write your letter to these individuals, explaining what happened and what you want them to do. Let’s see a sample letter request for refund of payment.

Sample letter request for refund of payment

June 15, 2022


Mr. Hendrick Campbell, Manager
Sea Side Hotel
346 Flamingo Road
Tampa Bay, FL 33602

Dear Mr. Campbell:
On the evening of June 1, my husband and I arrived at your hotel with reservations for a double room. The desk clerk informed us that no room was available because of a convention in town. Even though we had reserved our room one month in advance, we were now told that no rooms were vacant in the entire hotel. In fact, there were no rooms available anywhere in town. We spent the right in your hotel lobby, sleeping on (and off) one of the couches.

The second evening, the convention guests left and we were given our double room. As if the disappointment in our accommodations were not enough, imagine our disgust when we received our monthly credit card statement and discovered we had been charged full price for both nights: $125.00 per night.

We did not stay in our room both nights, Mr. Campbell. In fact, since your hotel accepted our reservation and then failed to provide the promised room, we believe we should not be charged at all for having to sleep in your hotel lobby.

Please credit $125.00 to our credit card account (MC 1234-5678-9000-0000). We would appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.

Mrs. Anthony Caparelli

Sample letter request for refund of payment
Sample letter request for refund of payment

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