Letter for Requesting Items Left Behind in Hotel

Even the most careful travelers can overlook important items when packing up to leave for home. If you have left something behind, or have been, notified by your hotel or resort manager that you forgot to take a few things with you, be sure to enclose a check to cover the cost of mailing the items back. Give the manager the address to which you want the items shipped. Let’s see a sample letter for requesting items left behind in hotel.

Letter for requesting items left behind in hotel

May 12, 2022


Broadmoor Resort
P.O. Box 2360
Brighton, NH 03223

Dear Mrs. Douglas:
Our warmest thanks for calling to tell us we’d left our travel packet and house keys behind. Thank goodness my husband carries duplicates of our most important keys, but you can still imagine our dismay on arriving home and finding that an entire set of keys was missing. How kind of you to contact us and relieve our anxiety.

As I promised on the phone, I’m enclosing a check to reimburse you for the cost of mailing the travel packet and keys back to us. Please address the packages to:

Mr. Sergio Carter
Twin Towers, Suite 1423
4 Main Plaza
New Haven, CT 06512

Thanks again for your kindness.

Emily Carter

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  1. I send this letter with little modification to the hotel and they send me my baggage through courier. Thanks for publishing the letter

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