Sample Letter to the Editor of a Newspaper

A newspaper has a great contribution to our society, every day in growing our society. Sometimes we need to inform something to a newspaper, but we get confused about how to write to a newspaper. Here are detailed instructions and a sample letter to the editor of a Newspaper.

A Letter to a newspaper falls into the following categories:

  1. Letters that complain about sometimes and suggest changes or improvements.
  2. The letter that supports or argues against views expressed in the newspaper or in the readers’ columns.
  3. The letter that comments on current affairs
  4. Letters that comment on and add information to articles published in the newspaper

Letter to the editor of a newspaper

5 hospital road
March 20, 2022

The editor
The Bangladesh Observer

Use of Loud Speakers

Dear Sir,
The use of loudspeakers in our part of Rajshahi has become a nuisance. Almost every night someone or another

plays music on the loudspeaker. It is impossible to read or sleep with the loud-speaker blaring well into the night. I am not opposed to anybody enjoying music at home.

But nobody has the right to force it on others, particularly at a time when people go to bed. I suggest that the district administration should impose restrictions on the use of loudspeakers

in residential areas.

Yours faithfully,
Abdul HakimHouse no.3
Road No. 12
15 April 20018

Sample Letter to the Editor of a Newspaper
Sample Letter to the Editor of a Newspaper

Another sample letter to the editor of a newspaper

The editor
The Bangladesh Times

Dear Sir,
I am in complete agreement with Mr. Hasan who in his letter (the Bangladesh Times, 13 April 2018) argued for festival bonuses for pensioners. Employees of the state and autonomous bodies are given two festival bonuses a year.

But when they retire, they are denied this. With the cost of living rising sharply, most pensioners find it difficult to make both ends meet. True, they get a lump sum in addition to the pension. But many of them not only spend the lump sum but also get into debt in building a house.

So they can hardly afford the expenses religious festivals involve. The government can during some sunshine into the pensioners’ minds by giving them festival bonuses. This will mean an extra expenditure, but it should not be difficult for the government to find the money involved. What is necessary is to make some adjustments or cuts here and there.

Surely people who devoted the best part of their lives to the service of the nation deserve in their old age sympathetic consideration in this respect from the government.

Yours faithfully,
Abdul Momin

Language Notes

  • The language you need to use in writing such a letter depends upon the subject. However, you should know how to do the following thing
  • Arrange ideas in a logical order
  • Introduce evidence and illustration
  • Introduce countering arguments
  • Compare and contrast
  • Make conclusions.

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  1. I very much enjoy Tom McDonald’s letters because they tell the truth un like this paper and the rest of our socialist news agencies. I just got a letter about removing Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house. This is part of the letter.Speaker Pelosiis sellling herself out toevery radically liberal TV outlet blaming Donald Trump for the virus. I will never believe Joe Biden won this election without ballots that didn’t exist. Yes you democrats put this crook in the white house and see what happens to this country after he takes away all the benefits I worked my whole career for. Social Security and Medicare not for illegal aliens who voted for him because of this. I am 72 don’t let me die broke

  2. i need to Write a letter to the editor of the Star Newspaper in which you request the him/her to appeal to the local counselor to implement security measures in your community but i’m struggling.

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