Complaint letter from teacher to parents regarding student’s progress

This letter can be written by the teacher spontaneously or she/he can do so in reply to parents.

The following points should bear in mind for preparation for such type of letter-

  • Begin the letter positively.
  • Now, apprise about the student’s progress in the study.
  • Some other matters relating to the student can also be mentioned.
  • Give suggestions for the improvement of the student.
  • Suggestions regarding student’s behavior may also be provided.
  • The letter can be closed with the expression of hope.
Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter inquiring about your son, Rajib’s progress. He is certainly an intelligent boy, but he remains inattentive in the class.

Just a little more care on his part will improve the quality of his work considerably. If you need more information about your son’s progress you are most welcome to call on me.

However, there is no need to worry. I am that he will improve soon.

With best regards-
You’re faithfully
Faisal Ahamed
Assistant Professor

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