Sample Thank You Letter for a Gift

Gifts are probably a common occasion for writing thank-you letters and notes. If you tend to put off such messages, keep a supply of attractive, pre-stamped postcards on hand. In that way, you make it easy for yourself to jot a message down on the card and send it off without having to search for stationary, envelopes, addresses, stamps, and pens. Here we provide some sample thank you letter for a gift.

Let the person know right away that the gift has arrived, even if you must write a letter to them how much you appreciated the gift.

Show real appreciation by describing what you like about the gift. If you received money, mention what you might spend it on. The idea is to make the giver feel that the choice was a good one and that you are pleased and delighted with the present.

If the gift is something you don’t like or can’t use, then simply thank the person for his or her thoughtfulness. Respect the giver even if you can’t enjoy the gift.

A Thank you letter can be a great weapon to increase brotherhood among us. These types of letters can be used for various purposes like official and personal. Some sample thank you letter for a gift are given below:

Thank you letter for a gift

Dear Dad,

Wow! What a pleasant surprise for me. I was just speechless. On my birthday you give me such a wonderful car. Do you know dad, tacitly I wanted this car. But I don’t reveal to you. Nevertheless, you understood. That’s why it’s more joy for me. Actually, it’s called the love of father which expected but more than unexpected. It’s really cheerfulness for me to get a superb surprising gift from you. Thank you very much, papa.

So far you surprised me many times but this is unbelievable. It’s a very expensive and nice car. Its color is also cute.  I take a photo of the car and I sent it to you. Please inform me of how it is. I want to tell you one thing, you have a great choice. You know papa how much glories day is today for me and I get it just because of you. It’s not comparable with any other gift because it has the intangible love of you which I feel.

It was the most valuable moment of my life when I got your gift. You know papa I wrote down this memorable day in my personal diary. I never forget this joyous day which I get from you.

Thank you so much dad for giving me such a surprising gift.

Love always


Thank you letter for a gift

April 10, 2021

Dear Aunt Ruby,
I loved the oil painting set you sent me! I have been wanting and couldn’t believe it when I unwrapped your present. I can’t wait to try it out.

Thank you again – next time you come to visit I’ll have oil paintings to show you.


Thank you letter for a gift

April 10, 2021

Dear Mr. Mitsuyama,

Your graduation present was a wonderful surprise. Thank you so much for your congratulatory letter as well.

I plan on putting the money aside to help finance my first car. Since I’ve accepted a job with a suburban company, Tri-Arts Enterprises, I’ll need a car to get back and forth to work.

Thank you very much for your generous gift. As a new graduate just starting out, I feel very supported by my family and friends.

Sincerely yours,
Jan Okamoto

Belated thank you letter for gift

You received a gift four months ago and still haven’t written a thank-you note. The more guilty you feel, the more you put it off. Yet there is a simple way to write belated thanks. Admit your error, and thank the person for the gift. Explain briefly why you didn’t write before, and tell the giver what you have appreciated about the gift.

April 10, 2021

Dear Petula,

Please accept our belated thanks for the lovely cooking set you gave us for our wedding. Greg and I have been overwhelmed with setting up house and getting settled in new jobs. We apologize for the delay in acknowledging your thoughtful present.

We have your pots and pans often. We just love them! They’re such a pleasure to use that I’ve even convinced Greg to cook breakfast occasionally. They clean in no time, even when you-know-who (me!) burns something every now and then.

Thanks again, Petula, for your wonderful and useful gift.

Tabatha and Greg

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