Internal and External Users of Accounting Information

There are two types of users of accounting information and they are internal users and external users.

Internal users of accounting information

1. Managers: Managers need accounting information to know the growth of the organization, to compare another budget with the actual result, to evaluate their performance, etc.

2. Finance Directors: The finance director needs accounting information to know the financial condition of the organization, to collect funds, and to effective and efficient italicization of that fund. He makes investment decisions.

3. Company officers: Then need accounting information to do everyday work to achieve the goals of the organization.

4. Production supervisors: Then need accounting information to know the growth of production to compare the budget with the actual result to evaluate their performance etc.

Internal users of accounting information

Employees: Employees of the organization required to know the accounting information for the evaluation of the outcome of the organization and for the appraisal of their performance during the year. 

External users of accounting information

1. Investors: Every investor might use accounting information regarding that business.

2. Creditors: Creditors (Such as suppliers, bankers, NGOs, cooperative societies, and other financial institutions) use accounting information to evaluate the risk of granting credit or lending funds.

3. Tax authorityTax authority uses accounting information to the complex tax liability of the respective organization.

4. Regulatory agency:  Regulatory agency monitor whether the companies organization are operation within prescribed rules

External users of accounting information

5. Labor unions: Labor unions want to know whether the owner can pay increased wages and benefit to the employees of the organization.

6. Customers: Customers are interested in whether a company will continue to honor product warranties and extended its product lines.

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