Definition of Interview

In common ward definition of interview is the face to face oral communication between two people. Depending on circumstances there are many types of an interview but here we discuss job interview.

The word “interview” means ‘view of’ or ‘sight between’. It is an oral communication where two persons for the purpose of getting a view of each other get a meeting.

The purpose of an interview is to find out the views, attitudes, and ideas of the person (interviewee) who is being interviewed.

The employer through an interview aims to know whether the being offered by the company can be suitable for the applicant. An interview is thus, a means of two-way communication.

Definition of Interview

According to Oxford Dictionary “A meeting is an occasion when people come to gather to discuss or decide something”

According to Cambridge Business English Dictionary “a meeting in which an employer asks the person applying for a job questions to see whether they would be the right person to do that job”

Wikipedia Said “A job interview is a type of employment test that involves a conversation between a job applicant and representative of the employing organization”


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