Sample of thank you letter for donation

There are lots of charity organizations in our society which are working silently. They are working for a various charitable purpose like reduce poverty, education living and food.

Most of the charity firms depend on donation to run their organizations so; donation is the precious thing for a charity firm. A charity firm should write a thank you letter to their donator.

Here we provide a sample of thank you letter for donation.

Thank you letter for donation

Date: 25th March 2015

Name of Donator

Business Name
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City, State/province
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Dear [contact name],

For your benevolent love, we get an incomparable gift. I think it’s not just a donation; it’s something more than a donation to our NGO. It was very serviceable that you donate such a huge amount for my charity firm. The firm was nearly ruined and that time you gave this valuable amount. Helping poor person is the prime goal of the NGO especially street children and most of them are orphans. This NGO tries to bring up them, provide cloth and also help them for education. As a result of helping this charity organization, many orphan students can continue their study. That’s why it’s not only a mere donation for us. So many many thanks to you for your valuable contribution.

Besides helping poor people this organization also operate an orphanage. Many students of this orphanage are now graduate and well established.  So the amount of your abetment will be treated as human service for that man who needs aid for food and living.

A massive donation was needed for the organization because indigent people get help from the firm. So, the amount which gave you is indirectly helping to remove penury. So we want to consent your gratitude for your abetment which obtains the charity organization form you.

Thank you again for your merciful love.

Name of Donator



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  1. tamanna
    September 2, 2018 at 5:03 PM

    great letter sample, thanks for sharing.

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